pet power

Pet Power - Advocating for Animal Welfare

Calling all who champion our four-legged, two-legged, and even eight-legged friends! Charidy Pet Power empowers growth and the influence of communities that care deeply for animals.

Raising Money For

  • Animal Shelters
  • Animals At Risk
  • Animal-Worthy Living Conditions

The Charidy Magic Touch

We at Charidy have practically perfected our method for turning a loosely organized group of individuals with a common interest into a tight-knit community of donors. Charidy Pet Power will help you collect relevant data about the people who support your cause, analyze the information, and design a strategy to mobilize your supporters and harness their passion for your cause. Charidy’s proprietary methodology will revolutionize fundraising in your community, and the process will even turn some of the loosely associated into avid ambassadors for your campaign and cause.

Fundraising levels

$250K - $300K
$100K- $200K